Data Exploitation

Your company generates more data than you can imagine, and your own information can affect your business growth and error prevention. Until now, the rhythm of daily operations has caused this 21st century gold to be ignored by most companies. However, the current trend is to optimize every corner of the company and, of course, all eyes are now in search of performance improvement based on the data. We are not talking about the distant scope of the investigation, we are talking about using your own data to obtain tangible returns now: fraud, accident rate, geomarketing, sales trends, unnecessary routes, agility in delivery, rapid classification, time use, .. Be aware that you already have everything you need to know about your business at your fingertips.

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Data retrieval

The first step is to search and catalog the sources of data in your business, either enhancing those that already are being recorded, taking advantage of those that are being discarded or incorporating means to obtain those that are being lost. For the collection of new data we put at your disposal the internet of things (IoT) , QR marking and RFID / NFC , the beacons bluetooth and the possibility of recovering data directly from your non-integrated industrial machines.

Database creation and migration

In order for the data to be managed properly, it must be centralized and normalized. It seems like a simple step, but usually takes more work what is expected . Establishing an efficient data transfer process is a challenge, although it is profitable in the long term. And even more profitable if placed directly in the cloud: we prepare your cloud environment for this purpose, and ensure that all data security and protection elements are ready.

Industrial solutions

Our proposal for the industrial market is to increase transparency between production and business. One way to achieve this is to increase the flow of reports for business decision-making, reports based on the data collected at the operational level. The specificity of industrial customers requires that data collection takes place through very robust means. Therefore, we provide high reliability services based on Industrial Internet of Things for data collection directly from machines (manufacturing), GPS fleet tracking (transport), asset positioning by Passive and active RFID (warehouses), etc. .

Data analysis, Machine Learning & Deep Learning

We develop predictive models using Keras as a basis, both for classifiers and regressors (usually DecisionTree , RandomForest, etc.), and we also train dense-type neural networks and LSTM , after intensive data processing. Our objective is to establish the processes and tools in your company to provide executive information suitable for decision-making, whether operational or strategic. Finally, if you need to set a report server up, do not kick the project off without consulting us for the most efficient solution.