Our focus is on your company

We know that in SMEs there are many opportunities to improve efficiency, but that their resources are limited.

For this reason, we charge for our developments only upon delivery, when it meets the specified requirements; this form of financing for our clients is the way we have to support the modernization of the business fabric.

business analysis: efficiency - optimization - consulting - processes -optimization- reengineering - analysts - technology

Business Analysis

We can help you carry out an analysis of your business processes, formally capture them and detect opportunities for optimization and improvement of your efficiency. From this study arises the proposal of technical and creative requirements.

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consulting: digitalization - automation - consultants -  engineers - information - IT - technology - technicians - specification- digital transformation

Technology Consulting and digitalization

Each business knows what it needs, but it is necessary to express the requirements of each project so that a specialist provider also understands it and knows how to interpret it. This is the important step of translating needs into specifications, so that the project succeeds and works.

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Project management: management - projects - project - manager - manager - waterfall - agile - management - IT

Project Management

If you cannot keep an eye on the project during its execution, we will take care of it. If you need support to coordinate a project whether simple or complex, we will be there to help you.

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systems integration: integration - integrator - systems - it - informatics - api - rest - soap - protocols - middleware

Systems Integration

If you wish to provide service to and integrate with a client whose systems are not compatible or want to use software that does not fit well with your current data flow, we can create customized software that enables communication between systems that were not originally created to work. together or share data.

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application programming: application development - java programming - programming - developer - programmers - pyhton - j2ee - server client - custom applications - custom computer developments

Software Development

We are software developers. If you need to contract programming in Java J2EE, a development in Python, a module in PHP or an app in Swift, we can take care of your project, whatever language you need for your tailored development. We can work out an architecture for you or, if your project is already defined, just get you skilled developers for the coding part.

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edata exploitation: reporting, data exploitation, data mining, data collection, industry 4.0, digital industry, data mining, data analysis, analytics, etl, etls, databases, decision support, big data

Data Exploitation

We put at your disposal the possibility of capturing more data during your operations, of storing them correctly and taking full advantage of them through data mining. Your company generates more data than you imagine, and your own information can reverse your business growth and error prevention.

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iot indoor location: iot - indoor - location - positioning - ips - uwb - ultra wideband - interiores - gps - internet of things - broker - mqtt - emqx - things - mosquitto - greengrass - rfid - dynamodb - rtls

IoT & Indoor Positioning (IPS/RTLS)

We deploy our own Indoor Positioning System (IPS) based on UWB radio triangulation using an IoT architecture .

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