Technology consulting and digitalization

We translate business needs into technical specifications, taking into account the constraints imposed by existing systems, the budget, and other capabilities of the company. The goal is to automate processes and help you walk the path of digital transformation, including the financial area (Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies).

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Digital services integration

We are providers of cloud digital services. Imagine for example that you need to make secure videoconferences: we can prepare for you a server (similar to Zoom) Jitsi with end to end encryption on a dedicated AWS machine, so that your communications do not go through a third-party server. Or maybe you need a call center control system, in which case we can integrate Dialfire with your existing systems. Digital transformation and service integration go hand in hand.

Gathering of requirements and creation of the technical specification

The work that follows after having the business requirements document available is the beginning of the most technical part of the project: an analyst must collect all the specifications on technology, communication, operating environment, functional requirements, safety, etc. to later describe the project and the environment in which it will be implemented. The technical specification document (Deliverable Requirements Document) is the one that will contain all the data, restrictions and decisions that derive from the requirements-taking work. This document is key to the project, since it is the detailed specification of what the specialist should build. Contractually, it links the client and the provider, as long as the fulfillment of the contract is determined based on what is established in said specification.

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and lightning

One part of business digital transformation is the incorporation of Bitcoin and cryptoassets into the treasury. The company may lack basic knowledge, requiring training, or may want to carry out specific projects with NFTs, cryptocurrencies, second layer gateways (Lightning) or direct blockhain data access with Python. Whether it is, for example, wallet securization or node management, in the coming years this knowledge will be essential, and the sooner your company launches small projects, the sooner it will incorporate it into its intellectual assets to compete within a new paradigm.

Digital transformation

At InfiniteContext we have launched the business line SkyGolf: Cloud Golf Course Management System aimed at operations digitalization in the golf industry. We will be adding more digital products and services to this line of business, automating more processes in this business and supporting its digital transformation.