Warranty and custody service

This is a global solution such as Third Party Trust and risk management. It includes all those independent services aimed at ensuring that the project is carried out with all the guarantees and minimizing the risks for each of those involved.

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Documentation supervision and guidance

If the client has its own personnel trained to prepare a document of technical requirements, one of our analysts would validate that it contains the information and the adequate concretion so that a supplier is able to perform the contracted works with certainty of success. < / p>

Supplier evaluation

Part of our work is to know the market of supplier companies trained to act as creators of customized solutions. Our clients have at their disposal the characteristics of each supplier, so that they can quickly find a specialist that meets the needs expressed in the documentation.

Basic project warranty service

Our PROCODE (Payment Release On COnfirmed DElivery) service is central to our business, whereby we act as a Third Party of Trust between the client and the supplier. In many cases, end customers who wish to hire some work do not know the provider beforehand, and distrust can prevent a beneficial project from launching. We provide an unbiased opinion on the compliance that a supplier achieves on a specification: if the supplier complies, they must get paid. If it does not comply, the money must be returned to the client.

Verification service

The Acceptance Test ( UAT ) It is one of the most important steps for closing a project and can be superficial or deep, short or long-term; The more detail the UAT has, the greater the guarantees that the delivered product is free from failures or omissions. Usually, the UAT carried out is the one recorded in the documentation, as part of the specification. However, in certain projects, the client may wish to hire an extended UAT that analyzes the deliverable more deeply.

Quality assurance service

Quality Assurance ( QA ) of the delivered solution is an even more detailed level of verification. In this case, not only the proper functioning of the product is validated, but its source code is studied from the point of view of good programming practices, it is verified that the conception of the security used is adequate and load tests are carried out to verify the dimensioning where it can be done.

Source code custody service

We offer this "Code Escrow" service for those customers who they have acquired a computer product and want the corresponding source code to be saved and custody by a third party in a manner similar to a notarial deposit , either for security reasons or for legal reasons.